Customers buy products, businesses buy advertising.

The Reliable Team has been on a massive advertising push as of late expanding our advertising footprint in Tampa. 6 months ago, the Reliable Team signed a 4-month advertising contract with Insite Media for an ad on 1 park bench in Carrollwood. Now, just a few short months later, the Reliable Team has added 4 new bus shelter ADs spreading throughout Tampa Bay.

 We now have bus shelter ADs in north, south, east, and west Tampa. We are running non-stop ADs on Google, Facebook, and the NextDoor app. We signed a 1-month contract to have a new billboard put up on N Dale Mabry. We have sent out roughly 1,400 direct mail ADs with another 2000 going out today. We have over 100 yard signs strategically placed at street corners throughout Tampa Bay. We have worked out agreements with local companies to allow us to leave business cards at their front desks. We have our T-Shirts, car AD's, and the YouTube channel that all serve as additional means of advertising the business.

We are exhausting all means for which to get the business name, logo, and services out to potential customers.

 We are growing.

 We are expanding.

 We are out here!!

 Come see what all the fuss is about!

 813-421-5676 - Eric@ReliableResellers.net

 Eric Baker CEO


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