A huge milestone has been achieved. $50,000 in sales on eBay over the last 3 months


Okay. I am going to be completely honest with you here. 3 months ago, when I walked away from my career in tech to create my own business, I set a goal for my first year of $10,000 per month in sales, or $120,000 for the year. Over the last 90 days of full time operation, the company has produced roughly $16,700 in sales per month, each month, for a total of just over $50,000! That means that over the last 90 days, we have beat our projections by roughly 67%. 

If these numbers can be maintained, then we are on pace to achieve $83,500 in sales over the remaining months of 2021. Combine that with the current $50,000 in sales over the last 90 days and you have $130,500. Now, if you add in the roughly $30,000 in sales over the first 4 months of the year, you have a grand total of $160,500 in sales for the calendar year of 2021. Beating projections by ~25%!

I am betting, and betting big, that this Q4 is going to be MASSIVE! I am investing heavily in inventory with the expectation of doing 2x to 3x more in sales during the last week of November and into December. I am estimating that sales will be close to $25,000 for the month of December, including the final week of November.

With this projection, we are on pace to hit $175,500 in sales for the calendar year of 2021. Beating projections by ~32%!

Exciting things are happening here! Come see what everyone is talking about.

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