Quarter 2 of 2021 is in the books and Reliable Resellers does just shy of $40,000 in sales!

Can you hear me now? Shouts the sales manager for Reliable Resellers. $39,320.73 in sales over a 3-month time span will have any sales manager shouting from the rooftops with joy.  To truly appreciate this number and to put everything into perspective, let us take a quick walk down memory lane. 

Reliable Resellers was founded in January of 2020 and began conducting business on eBay and Amazon at that time.  During the first full calendar year, the Reliable Team did a total of $35,288 in sales.  Things were moving in a positive direction from the very beginning for the Reliable Team, they were just hindered by the amount of time they could put into running the business.  The business was being built on the side, during my free time, for which there was only so much of.

Well, in May of 2021 I decided to put my full-time efforts into running the business and have achieved more in sales over the last 3 months than we did in the entire calendar year of 2021!  You heard that right, we have higher sales numbers in Q2 of 2021 than we did for the ENTIRE calendar year of 2020. Considering I have a background in Computer Network and System administration, not sales, I would say things are coming along quite nicely.

We are getting ourselves established with a local auction house.  We are looking into new ways of advertising.  We are going on private picks.  We are organically growing this company and are setting up the organizational foundation needed to make us successful for the long term.

If you are interested in joining the Reliable Team, give me a call, text, or email:



Eric Baker CEO

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