Reliable Resellers Blow Past $30,000 in sales on eBay over the last 90 days!!

It seems like it was just yesterday when a new company record of $25,000 in sales on eBay was achieved.. and it seems like it was just yesterday because, well, it was only 13 days ago.  Now, just one day short of two weeks later and the Reliable Team has surpassed the $30,000 mark!  This continues to highlight that all of the hard work, the late nights, the research, the networking, the advertising... all of it is really beginning to pay off and show positive signs of growth for the company. 

I am very pleased with the effort and dedication the Reliable Team has put in and am supremely optimistic for the future of the company.  I am happy to announce that, not only will we be continuing to advertise in all of the same channels as before, we are now adding in two more park benches! This will bring us up to a total of three, one in Forrest Hills (Current) and two more to be added in 1x South Tampa and 1x Carrollwood.

We are very excited for what the future holds for us here at Reliable Resellers. We are at the genesis of something great!

If you are interested in becoming an early investor in the Reliable Team, then give us a call at 813-421-5676.

Eric Baker CEO

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