Reliable Resellers cross the $45,000 mark on eBay!

Stop me if you have heard this one before… Reliable Resellers set yet another new company record, this time crossing the $45,000 threshold on eBay over the last 90 days.
Not only that, but the new auction house connection is already showing signs of being an extremely profitable partnership bringing the company over $500 in our first outing. We are set up again at the auction house in anticipation of doing even better this time around.
The company is continuing to mature and take shape as we add on a new mentor to assist us with some of the overall strategy and planning courtesy of a local company called SCORE.
There are some very exciting things in the works here on the Reliable Team.
Stay tuned!
Call, text or email me if you are interested in joining the team. 813-421-5676
Eric Baker CEO

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