Reliable Resellers does $35,000+ in sales on eBay! WOW!

Reliable Resellers continues to make it presence felt in the resale industry by setting yet another new company record of $35,000+ in sales on eBay over the last 90 days.  An AMAZING accomplishment by the Reliable Team!

Over the past few months, the Reliable Team has been in and out of several dozen homes on private picks purchasing merchandise ranging from sports cards to electronics to sporting goods all to resell on eBay.  What we do here is not all that different from what you see on the hit cable TV show “American Pickers”, we just operate on a smaller scale and pick different types of items.

We have been building relationships, obtaining repeat leads, and establishing ourselves within the community as the go-to company for receiving honest and fair offers for the items you are looking to sell.

What we have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time is a direct reflection of the hard work and effort the Reliable Team has and continues to put in to making sure we achieve the goals the company has set for itself.  I have no doubts that we will continue down the path towards success.

There is a TON of work involved but every day is different than the last and every pick we go on is a brand-new treasure hunt searching for those holy grail items that we know are just sitting in someone’s garage waiting for us to find them!

We just might have room on the Reliable Team for 1 or 2 more to help with operational duties and to go on picks!  If you are interested in joining a young but growing resale company that also has a growing social media presence, then call or text me at 813-421-5676. You can also email me at Eric@ReliableResellers.net.

Eric Baker CEO

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