Reliable Resellers gets established with a local auction house, Action Auctioneers.

In a move to diversify the income streams of the company, the Reliable Team has established itself with a local pipeline auction house, Action Auctioneers. This move creates a much needed local connection for which to sell items that do not make business sense to sell online. It also provides an opportunity to network within the community and begin to get the name out amongst other individuals who operate within the same business space.

This is a crucial step for the business and shows that the company is continuing to grow and expand while also looking for new ways to buy and sell inventory.   We will also be able to purchase different types of inventory now than we have in the past because we know we have the local connection for which to consistently move these items. Items like larger furniture pieces, heavy machinery, and glassware come immediately to mind. 

On virtually every private pick we’ve been on, we’ve been asked if we purchase one or all of those items and up until now we’ve had to say no. With this new auction house relationship, we can begin to consider those items. Which will, ultimately, bring the company more profits going forward.

This is just a peek inside the room here on the Reliable Team. We are researching advertising strategies to help us understand the best ways to spend our advertising budget.  We are creating the operational foundation of the company which will ensure our success is replicable.  We are networking within the community and getting our company name and logo recognized.  We are working hard day in and day out to create a successful business.

These are exciting times.

This is when the literal foundation of the organization is being built.  

Come along for the ride!


Eric Baker CEO

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