Reliable Resellers signs a new advertising contract and begins to strategize for an aggressive “Every Door Direct Mail” campaign

After conducting 3 full weeks of “Advertising Market Research”, the Reliable Team has decided to spend part of the company’s advertising budget and signed a new advertising contract for a Bus Shelter Advert directly on Dale Mabry Hwy going Northbound just past Linebaugh Ave in Tampa. The bus shelter is on the right-hand side of the road and the advert measures 68.5” x 47.5” and is fully illuminated making it visible at night.  

The weekly impression rate for this location is 166,374.   To give you an idea of the magnitude of that number, our current location which is on the corner of Busch Blvd and Armenia (not a major intersection but still a very busy one) is 86,433. So, our new location on Dal Mabry will see almost double the weekly impressions. 

We are meeting with the design team next week to go over the new designs for the ad. The advert will be going live on August 9th, 2021. We are betting that this will bring a huge influx of new clients coming to us for all their buying and selling needs.

We also have signed up for the USPS program called “Every Door Direct Mail” or EDDM for short. This allows you to send, in bulk, postcards and other items to targeted zip codes in your area for the purposes of advertising. We are designing our own postcards and will have them printed just as soon as we get everything buttoned up. 

Those mailers will be going out near the end July 2021, and we hope to so a return on that investment very shortly after the mailers go out.

Advertising is a necessary expense for any business but especially so for small businesses. To grow, people need to know that you are there. The only way to do that is to advertise in some form or fashion. It really is an art form and takes a lot more skill than it looks like from the outside looking in.

We are learning new things daily here on the Reliable Team and continue to grow both as a business and as people.

Follow along, both here and on YouTube @Reliable Resellers.

Eric Baker CEO

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