The Reliable team conducts a bit of "Advertising Market Research"..

The Reliable team began an aggressive online advertising campaign in the beginning of 2021 utilizing several of the popular social media apps like Facebook and NextDoor. It took a few months’ time but the return on that investment was realized many times over. We decided to ramp up the advertising budget and add in a local park bench at the beginning of the 2nd quarter in 2021. In just two short months the company has already seen a return on that particular investment as well. So much so, that two more park benches are now in the works. 

With that said, we now have the difficult task of determining exactly where in Tampa to advertise. We know we want to advertise in the Carrollwood and South Tampa areas, but we need to determine exactly where in those areas we want to place our two ad's so that we get the most bang for our buck, so to speak.
Considering we are a small company with a very limited advertising budget, we determined it would be best to do a bit of "Advertising Market Research" first before committing a few thousand dollars to have two benches put up that we can’t move once they go live. So, we spent a few hundred dollars and had 100 18x24 signs created (very similar to a "Garage Sale" sign that you see on street corners) and had our company logo, phone number and some of the things we buy added to it. 

We then proceeded to put the signs up all over Tampa along certain intersections in the Carrollwood and South Tampa areas and are now waiting for the phone to ring. When we receive calls, and we have received quite a few so far, we ask the caller where they heard about us and if it was from a sign, where did they see the sign?  We will use this “Advertising Market Research” data, along with other information, to help us determine the best locations for us to spend our limited advertising budget and have two more benches put up.  

Considering we have received more calls in the past week than we have in the past two months, I think it safe to assume that the money we spend on advertising is going to be money well spent provided we can find the correct locations. 

After two full weeks’ time of the signs being out (quite a few have already been taken down) we will evaluate the data and work with the advertising firm, Insite Media, to get two more benches added to our portfolio. 

Exciting times here on the Reliable Team. If you are interested in joining the Reliable Team, call me at 813-421-5676.

See if you can spot a sign around town as they are up right now! If you spot one, take a picture of you and the sign and send it to me. I will add you to the blog and make a YouTube video about it!!

Eric Baker CEO

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